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Bonang sues tweep for half a million after reckless comments on his podcast

2021-05-19 05:41:28.801000+00:00

Clout chasing has proven to be very costly - like half a million costly.  Things backfired after a tweep & YouTuber – Rea Gopane made unsubstantiated comments about Scoop Makhathini, A.K.A (Kiernan Forbes) & Bonang Matheba on his YouTube podcast.

On the 7th of May 2021, Rea Gopane uploaded the video on YouTube in which he makes potentially brand damaging comments. He is heard saying that Scoop Makhathini(referring to Ngwanekazi) allegedly confided in him about Bonang's relationship with rapper A.K.A and the couple's alleged drug use.  However, Rea failed to acknowledge that the comments were unsubstantiated and potentially dangerous to one's brand. As a result Bonang Matheba hit back hard at the tweep and served him with summons on Twitter. This after alleged attemps were made to reach the tweep were unsuccessful.
One of the conditions contained in the documents is that Rea Gopane should unequivocally apologize and retract all comments made on all his public accounts. Rea is also required to pay an additional fee of half a million rand (R500 000) as compensation within 10 days.
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Disclaimer: All information contained in this article was sourced from Twitter. The writer merely quotes sources and does not in any way insinuate anything. Furthermore, any views expressed in this article are entirely the author's and not the company.