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Sjava talks about the rape allegations against him

2020-08-31 22:00:00+00:00

Sjava decided to talk about the rape allegations he is facing. He was involved in a relationship with Lady Zamar also a singer who claims that Sjava raped her. Firstly in his statement he aligned why he wasn’t talking all along, and why he decided to talk now. Firstly he claims that he and Lady Zamar had been in a relationship since 2017 and Lady Zamar also confirmed that but she denies that it was a relationship cause it was still at the ‘get-to-know-you-phase’. Sjava claims that before the relationship took place he told her that he already has a girlfriend and she was okay with it, but as time went on Lady Zamar changed, she felt like she wasn’t loved enough and Sjava was forever working, sjava couldn’t change much as he apologised at the end of the video to all his supporters and fans, especially woman and children. He urges that he always sings about gender based violence so its highly impossible for him to do such an act after everything he always say nor sing about, cause he does practice what he preaches. Lady Zamar on the other hand says she did not understand it at first, maybe it was just bad ‘sex’, but as she keeps on talking to the people who are close to her she then realised that it was actually rape. She also claims that he forced himself into her and she bled, which means she then went to a doctor, but did not do a rape test. The public has already chosen sides in this story and there is a big debate about whether she was raped or not.