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South African Music Entities


SAMPRA(South African Music Performance Rights Association)

SAMPRA is a collective management organisation (CMO) that administers Needletime Rights on behalf of recording artists and record labels. SAMPRA is governed by a board in which record companies and recording artists enjoy equal representation. SAMPRA is also a member of the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights (SCAPR), an international federation of needletime CMOs based in Belgium. SCAPR strives to improve the exchange of data and performers’ rights payments across borders.


SAMRO(Southern African Music Rights Organisation NPC)

SAMRO’s primary role is to administer Performing Rights on behalf of its members. They do so by licensing music users (such as television and radio broadcasters, live music venues, retailers, restaurants, promoters and shopping centres), through the collection of licence fees which are then distributed as royalties.